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Equitable offers a unique way of working that enables recruitment agencies and organisations which hire contractors, to free themselves from the responsibility of ensuring self-employment status and the attendant risks and responsibilities associated with the hire of temporary workers.

If yours is a recruitment agency or a company that hires contractors, you’ll know about the difficulties and uncertainties of confirming self-employment status and ensuring tax compliance with HMRC. The process attaches certain risks, is complex and time consuming. Which means organisations such as yours are forced to spend more and more time on administrative issues brought about by increasingly rigorous employment legislation and tax compliance criteria. Ultimately, it is your company that is held responsible for any anomalies or issues, which may arise.

Fighting a claim can be extremely difficult and many companies visited by HMRC have simply not been able to claw back gross payments from incorrectly determined individuals, presenting them with a major administrative problem and potentially an overwhelming financial burden.

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Equitable frees-up your administration and will save your company time and money and allow you to focus on driving your business forward; safe in the knowledge that our experienced team will take care of all of the issues relating to the deployment and taxation liabilities of your workforce.